University of Pretoria, Aula Building 
Please enter campus at Gate 12 in left lanes that leads directly to underroof parking – start to follow the signs in the respective halls

Pretoria Convention

Venue: University of Pretoria
Date: 7th – 9th of April 2023
Not to be missed out on Pretoria Convention
The gates will be open from 8:00 am every day.
We are going to have amazing shares. Arts & crafts table that is going to have juwele, crocheted blankets etc. We are going to have a souvenirs & memorabilia table selling AA items. Don’t forget our literature table.
We have a bonus – we have a big coffee station with FREE coffee & tea.
We will also have food vendors that sell fast food, salads, vegan, curry and halal food at affordable prices. There will be a  coffee vendor selling extra-strong coffee on the go.
The Registration table will be open the whole Friday and Saturday, Sunday mornings.