National Convention

The National Convention is an annual event on the easter weekend. Alcoholics, family, friends, professionals and the media attend a series of AA meetings from Friday Morning to Sunday midday. This is a national event and also attracts international guest speakers.

2018 - Speaker Shares

Meeting 01  (Friday)

Title: Different, Afraid and Alone

Meeting 02  (Friday)

Title:Change We Must

Meeting 03  (Friday)

Title: Helping Others to Help Myself

Meeting 04 (Friday)

Title: Things I Learn from my Sponsor

Meeting 05 (Friday)

Title: Unity the Heartbeat of AA

Meeting 06 (Friday)

Title: Loving Me till I can Love Myself

Meeting 07 (Friday)

Title: Welcome Home – My First Meeting

Meeting 08 (Friday)

Title: Why is this Simple Program So Hard

Meeting 09 (Friday)

Title: Spiritual Awakening

2017 - Speaker Shares

Meeting 01 (Friday)

Title: How it works

Meeting 02 (Friday)

Title: Half measures availed us nothing

Meeting 03 (Friday)

Title: The hand of God in AA

Meeting 04 (Friday)

Title: Courage to change

Meeting 06 (Saturday)

Title: Practice these principals in all our affairs

Meeting 07 (Saturday)

Title: Welcome Home – Working with others

Meeting 08 (Saturday)

Title: Give it away

Meeting 09 (Saturday)

Title: Unity and Fellowship

Meeting 10 (Saturday)

Title: Spirituality, It works, it really does