Alcoholics Anonymous 

South Africa


AA Meetings

Closed meetings are for A.A. members only, or for those who have a drinking problem and "have a desire to stop drinking."

Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous’ program of recovery from alcoholism. Nonalcoholics may attend open meetings as observers.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been declared a national state of disaster in terms of the Disaster Management Act by the South African Government. In line with the government guidelines all  face to face AA Meetings have been temporarily suspended and moved to an online meeting format. Groups that run these online AA meetings need to let their Area Offices know about changes to their meetings, and this will in-turn be updated on this website. Below you will find a list of online AA Meetings in South Africa.

You can view the latest group contact details  HERE

AA Meetings

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Time Day of Meeting Name of Meeting Link to Meeting Passcode
07:00 Sunday Seapoint Sunrise sanskrit
09:00 Sunday Bromhof  12&12 Study 197855
10:00 Sunday Friends In Recovery 1902
11:00 Sunday New Roots Newroots
15:00 Sunday Umlazi KwaD 2020
16:30 Sunday Hottentots Holland: Big Book 320432
17:00 Sunday Green Door - As Bill Sees It 372592
17:00 Sunday Ladies Sunday Meeting 834628
18:00 Sunday HATS (Here Are The Steps) Eastrand 041741
18:30 Sunday Steenberg 806496
19:00 Sunday Kensington 366023
19:00 Sunday Newcomers Meeting - Table View/td> 2020
19:00 Sunday Pied Piper
19:00 Sunday Robersham Discussion 973157
19:00 Sunday Durbanville 206976
19:00 Sunday Pied Piper
19:30 Sunday Sunday Serenity 172797
20:00 Sunday Lyttleton 1975
20:00 Sunday Friends In Recovery 1902
20:00 Sunday Vision of Hope 072981
07:00 Monday Seapoint Sunrise sanskrit
08:00 Monday On Awakening
13:00 Monday Benoni Lunch Time Free@1501
13:00 Monday Friends In Recovery 1902
13:00 Monday Lonehill Unity
18:00 Monday Bloemfontein Central 1Yinex
18:00 Monday A NEW FREEDOM 047955
18:00 Monday KNYSNA YELLOWWOOD 904103
18:00 Monday Monday Big Book Study (CPT III) 3249
18:30 Monday Scottburgh Big Book 9YKFZ0
19:00 Monday PE Walmer Group 716501
19:00 Monday Blairgowrie 3pF6sz
19:00 Monday Moreleta 27773
19:00 Monday White Flag 12338
19:00 Monday Pied Piper
19:30 Monday Benoni Free@1501
19:30 Monday Edenvale 7901254
19:30 Monday Florida 921099
19:30 Monday Step Into Sobriety - Table View 2020
19:30 Monday Eureka 495033
19:30 Monday Franklin Road 172797
19:30 Monday Happy Hour 652968
19:30 Monday Claremont 172797
20:00 Monday Friends In Recovery 1902
20:00 Monday Vision of Hope 072981
20:00 Monday Mitchell's Plain 777333
20:00 Monday YES 233050
20:15 Monday Hottentots Holland: Speaker Share 320432
07:00 Tuesday Seapoint Sunrise sanskrit
07:00 Tuesday Constantia Sunrise 320432
13:00 Tuesday Benoni Lunch Time Free@1501
13:00 Tuesday Friends In Recovery 1902
18:00 Tuesday A Vision for You 818443
19:00 Tuesday Midrand Bikers
19:00 Tuesday Our Tribe (Women Only) 491168
19:00 Tuesday Wierda Park 508113
19:00 Tuesday Windsor 508113
19:00 Tuesday Seapoint Sunset 786738
19:00 Tuesday Vaal Area 550331
19:00 Tuesday Pied Piper
19:30 Tuesday Benoni Free@1501
19:30 Tuesday Kraaifontein 700007
19:30 Tuesday Villeria 780622
19:30 Tuesday Weltevreden Park recovery
19:30 Tuesday Klein Constantia 2020
19:30 Tuesday Into Action - Table View 73480
20:00 Tuesday Friends In Recovery 1902
20:00 Tuesday Vision of Hope 072981
20:00 Tuesday Hope Street (CPT) recovery
07:00 Wednesday Seapoint Sunrise sanskrit
08:00 Wednesday Next We Launch
12:30 Wednesday Edenvale Lunchtime 28984
13:00 Wednesday Benoni Lunch Time Free@1501
13:00 Wednesday Friends In Recovery 1902
18:00 Wednesday Share & Discussion (CPT III) 9702
18:00 Wednesday Cocktail Tales S3r3n1ty
18:00 Wednesday KNYSNA YELLOWWOOD 904103
18:00 Wednesday  Big Book 904103
18:30 Wednesday Muizenburg (Big Book Meeting) 609720
19:00 Wednesday Mount Croix - AA Comes of Age Stud y 716501
19:00 Wednesday Bromhof 721311
19:00 Wednesday Garsfontein Step Meeting 662251
19:00 Wednesday Living Sober db2ZW6
19:00 Wednesday New Roots Newroots
19:00 Wednesday The Solution Group 16037
19:00 Wednesday House of Steps Plet Meeting ID: 818 6236 6946 003290
19:00 Wednesday Wednesday West Coast Meeting - Table View 7Bngg2
19:00 Wednesday Pied Piper
19:30 Wednesday Benoni Free@1501
19:30 Wednesday We Agnostics
19:30 Wednesday Hottentots Holland: Step meeting 320432
19:30 Wednesday Rondebosch (CPT) Meeting ID: 836 2399 2940 258698
19:30 Wednesday Bellville (CPT) 12092
19:30 Wednesday Bellville (CPT) 319070
20:00 Wednesday Kuilsrivier 231678
20:00 Wednesday Friends In Recovery 1902
20:00 Wednesday Vision of Hope 072981
20:00 Wednesday Landsdowne 172797
07:00 Thursday Seapoint Sunrise sanskrit
10:00 Thursday Valley Morning 172797
13:00 Thursday Benoni Lunch Time Free@1501
13:00 Thursday Friends In Recovery 1902
17:30 Thursday Edenvale Lunchtime 28984
17:30 Thursday Fellowship of the Spirit 604938
18:30 Thursday Scottburgh 9YKFZ0
19:00 Thursday PE Newton Park 716501
19:00 Thursday Garsfontein New Beginnings 340878
19:00 Thursday New Beginnings 10174
19:00 Thursday Robertsham/Alberton 495033
19:00 Thursday Killarney Milnerton 772503
19:00 Thursday Pied Piper
19:30 Thursday Benoni Free@1501
19:30 Thursday Edenvale 9145604225 7901254
19:30 Thursday Language of the Heart LOH
19:30 Thursday Northcliff 324471
19:30 Thursday Hottentots Holland: Speaker share 573894
19:30 Thursday Franklin Road 172797
19:30 Thursday Stellenbosch Group 573894
19:30 Thursday Claremont 172797
20:00 Thursday Irene Group RSA 975917
20:00 Thursday Friends In Recovery 1902
20:00 Thursday Vision of Hope 072981
20:00 Thursday Mitchell's Plain 777333
07:00 Friday Seapoint Sunrise sanskrit
07:00 Friday Constantia Sunrise
12:30 Friday Edenvale Lunchtime 28984
13:00 Friday Benoni Lunch Time Free@1501
13:00 Friday Friends In Recovery 1902
13:00 Friday Living Sober 012242
13:00 Friday We Do Recover 2uQwG8
18:00 Friday Bloemfontein Central 1Yinex
18:00 Friday Newcomers Meeting (CPT III) 5655
19:00 Friday Centurion
19:00 Friday Windsor 491168
19:00 Friday Seapoint Sunset 786738
19:00 Friday TGIF 637039
19:00 Friday Thank Gosh Its Friday - Table View 4163
19:00 Friday Pied Piper
19:15 Friday Primary Purpose PrimaryP
19:30 Friday Benoni Free@1501
19:30 Friday Acorn 562981
20:00 Friday Friends In Recovery 1902
20:00 Friday Vision of Hope 072981
20:15 Friday Hottentots Holland: Back To Basics 320432
07:00 Saturday Seapoint Sunrise sanskrit
07:30 Saturday Green Door (12&12) 397118
08:30 Saturday Surfer’s Corner AA Muizenberg 172797
09:00 Saturday Rosebank Saturday Big Book 769125
08:00 Saturday Rule62 Men's Meeting Rule62
09:00 Saturday The Solution Group (Closed Big Book) 920907
11:00 Saturday Steps & Traditions (CPT III) 1208
11:00 Saturday Hottentots Holland: Daily Reflections 320432
13:00 Saturday Friends In Recovery 1902
15:00 Saturday Ladies Upon Request
15:00 Saturday Rivonia 597452
17:00 Saturday Life In Sobriety / Young Peoples Grou 609683
18:00 Saturday House of Steps Plet 7Bngg2
19:00 Saturday Lockdown Online Saturday Alive Avision4u
19:00 Saturday Sane and Sober Saturday - Table View 7720
19:00 Saturday A NEW FREEDOM 005731
19:00 Saturday Pied Piper 005731
19:30 Saturday Keep It Simple (Goodwood) 172797
20:00 Saturday Saturday South 495033
20:00 Saturday Friends In Recovery 1902
20:00 Saturday Vision of Hope 072981

New to Online Meetings or looking for Guidance on Frequently Asked Questions when running Online meetings? Consider the suggestions made by these AA's:


Here are some issues a lot of us worried about before coming to our first AA meeting:

Will I be asked a lot of questions?

No, it’s not like going to a doctor or a health clinic. AA meetings are very informal. Just take a seat and listen to the stories members will tell about their drinking and their recovery. You can talk to people if you want to or just keep to yourself until you feel more comfortable.

Do I have to “sign up”?

No. There’s nothing to sign. If, at some stage you want to join a particular group you just say so. If you don’t want to join any group, that’s okay too. No one should tell you what to do about your drinking. If you want to keep drinking that’s your business. We just suggest that, if you want to stop drinking, you try doing what we did.

How much will it cost?

There is no charge for attending an AA meeting. Usually a collection is taken at the end of each meeting to cover the costs of renting the hall and providing refreshments. Only AA members can contribute. There’s no obligation but most people contribute.

Do I have to get up and speak in front of people?

The meeting will consist of members telling their stories but if anyone isn’t in the mood to talk, it’s fine to decline. You may be invited to speak but it’s quite okay if you don’t want to.

Is AA a religious organisation?

No. Quite a few AA meetings are held in church halls but that’s only because they’re convenient and affordable venues. AA groups are in no way affiliated with the churches or other organisations whose meeting rooms we rent. The AA program is certainly a spiritual one, but what that means is left up to the individual to decide.

What type of meetings are there?

By far the most common type of AA meeting is called an speaker meeting. Members just tell their stories of what they were like, what happened and what life is like for them now. There are also Steps meetings where AA’s 12-Step program of recovery is discussed in detail. There are also various other types of discussion meetings.

What are closed or open meetings?

Most  AA meetings are “open”. That is, anyone is welcome to attend. “Closed” meetings are for AA members or people who are new to AA who want to stop drinking. How many people are at a meeting? This varies greatly. In cities, a typical meeting might have ten to twenty members. Some big meetings might have 50 or more. Some have only a handful. In remote areas some meetings might have only two or three members.

Who goes to AA meetings?

You’ll find all sorts of people at AA meetings. Men, women, young, old, well off and not well off.

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