National Calendar of Events

  Event Registration

Events include:

  • Rallies

  • Mini Conventions

  • Dinners

  • Dances

  • Weekend retreats

  • Fun activities (picnics, bingo etc.)

Procedure for event registration on National Website.

  • All events need to be approved by the relevant Area Office.

  • Book your date as soon as you have it. The event and date will be added to the website with a note stating “Details to follow soon.”

  • Event details will be loaded onto the website within 2 working days of receiving the completed form.

  • The registration form does not have to be completed for group birthday/@ home meetings unless the celebrating is being held at a different venue or day as the normal group meeting.



International Events:


2020 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous

July 2-5, 2020 Detroit, Michigan


  International Convention 2020l



International Calendar of Events 

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